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Why long term time lapse is key to success during construction

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

A time lapse camera system is a specialised camera that takes pictures at set intervals over a period of time. They are used in construction to document the progress of a project from start to finish. Time lapse systems can be used to capture images of an entire project or specific aspects of the construction process.

Construction time lapse services

1. Time lapse allows you to track progress and see how the construction project develops over time.

You can also see how the seasons change and how different weather conditions affect the construction site. This information can be helpful for meeting deadlines and staying on budget.

Time lapse is a valuable tool for project managers and can help you stay on track and make sure your construction project is on schedule.

time lapse camera at a construction site

2. Time lapse can help you identify potential problems early on and take corrective action.

Construction sites are complex and ever-changing. It can be difficult to keep track of progress and identify potential problems. Time lapse photography can help you do both.

Time lapse for construction sites can help you identify potential problems early on and take corrective action. By taking regular photos or videos of the construction site, you can track progress and identify any potential issues early on. This can be a valuable tool to identify site safety issues or poor practices.

If you are concerned about a potential problem, you can use time lapse photography to investigate further. By reviewing the photos or video, you may be able to identify the root cause of the problem and take steps to correct it. Time lapse photography can be used as part of a system to manage construction sites and ensuring that projects are completed safely and on schedule.

3. Time lapse can be used to create marketing materials or documentaries that showcase the work that went into a project.

In a fast-paced world, time lapse can be the perfect way to show off engaging content in a short amount of time. Perfect for social media, time lapse can provide case study content for successful projects while also highlighting the work that went into them. By compressing days, weeks, or even months into a few minutes, time lapse is the perfect way to show off your project in all its glory.

time lapse for social media engagement

4. Construction sites are notoriously difficult to keep track of.

There are so many workers, tools, and equipment moving around that it can be hard to know what's going on. Time lapse cameras can help with this by allowing you to view the progress of the construction site live. 4g and 5g connections make it possible to view the images from anywhere in the world, which means you don't need to travel to the site to see what's going on. This can also help with site security and you can share images with stakeholders or clients directly from the portal .

remote viewing of time lapse project

5. Non Intrusive , cost effective

Another advantage of using a time lapse camera is that it is non-intrusive and can be easily fixed to existing structures or supplied masts. Time lapse cameras can also be solar powered, which means that they can be used in remote locations without the need for a power source. Another advantage of using a time lapse camera is that it has an integral remote data link. This means it does need to to be connected to the site Wi-Fi system.

What should you be asking a time lapse provider ?

  • First, find out if the provider offers remote access to the camera. This is important so you can check on the progress of your project without having to physically be on site.

  • Secondly, ask about the best place to site the camera. The installation process should be quick and easy, so you don’t want to have to worry about finding the perfect spot for your camera.

  • Finally, inquire about the provider’s customer service. You want to be sure that you can get help if you need it during the duration of your project.

What information will you time lapse provider need ?

  • Length of project , long term or short term

  • Is the project inside or outside

  • Mounting points if available , areas where a mast can be at up for the duration of the project

  • projected key moments in the build , things like big crane lifts , cladding of external services

  • If the camera will need to be moved during the build

  • Procedure for access to the camera for scheduled cleaning and servicing

Conclusion, time-lapse photography during construction can offer numerous benefits. It can help document the construction process, capture defects for quality control, and even help with marketing and promotion once the project is completed. This type of photography can be an invaluable tool for any construction company.

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