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Surveys Imagery and Aerial Photography Applications

Drone Surveys & Drone Inspections

Using our state of the art drones we can offer close visual drone inspection & drone surveys to areas often deemed difficult to access or time-consuming to survey via the traditional routes of rope-access or erection of working structures such as scaffolding. Whether it’s a close visual inspection of

  • Live flare stack surveys

  • Critical infrastructure inspections

  • Flare tip surveys

  • Live transmission tower surveys

  • Topographic land surveys

  • Building surveys

  • Roof surveys

  • Power line surveys

  • Wind farm surveys

  • Forestry surveys

Global Drone Surveys will supply you with all the detailed imagery you require in a fraction of the time (and often, cost!) of the existing methods.  Drone Surveys and Inspections

Aerial UAV quadcopter drone filming

Aerial Filming and media production

Aerial UAV quadcopter drone filming

We provide stunning aerial visuals with a range of different camera systems . Not only limited tp producing aerial drone footage we have our own in house production producing promotional films and web based marketing videos 

For more details on our extensive services see GDS Media


Aerial Photography

Our still imagery aerial photography and aerial filming in ultra high definition video can be used for many other things including:

  • Event coverage

  • Weddings

  • Land sales

  • Estate agencies 

  • Archaeological sites

  • Sports coverage

  • Tourism

  • Social media

  • Marketing and advertising


The only limitation is your imagination

For more details see Aerial Photography


If you work in an industry where aerial footage could be used to save time reduce cost and risk then contact us today.

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