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construction site drone survey



Operating from strategic locations in London and Cardiff, Global Drone Surveys Ltd extends its comprehensive drone survey and inspection services across the entire United Kingdom. Our proven track record includes successful engagements with prominent companies in the construction, infrastructure, and defense sectors.

With pilots boasting extensive commercial flying hours in congested airspace and around complex structures, often in GPS-denied environments, Global Drone Surveys stands out as the preferred solution for projects requiring safe and reliable drone flights.

Global Drone Surveys' UAVs are now integral to numerous industries, aiding in data capture for various applications. We excel in interpreting the collected data, generating 3D models, maps, and geospatial data crucial for construction site planning, emergency response management, and environmental monitoring.

Our wealth of experience extends to gathering precise data and imagery, supporting all our inspection and mapping work streams. What sets us apart is our unique background in the Emergency Services, industrial access, operations in high-risk industrial areas, and military expertise.


This diverse expertise positions us ahead of competitors, and our unwavering commitment ensures the highest level of service delivery. Trust Global Drone Surveys for unmatched excellence in drone surveys and inspections.

How We Work

​Pre-Deployment Survey

Once we have received an enquiry from a prospective client, one of our drone pilots will carry out a "Pre-Deployment Survey". This involves a variety of safety checks including assessments of weather, task objectives, air space classification etc. that ensures that we adhere to the regulations as laid down by the CAA. Safety is as always, paramount. If we feel that the task is unsafe to fly for a drone, we will inform you and discuss other options. This survey is normally completed within the hour.

On Site Survey

Once on site, our team will carry out an "On-Site Survey". This ensures that any potential hazards identified on the pre-deployment survey are addressed and that the drone is flown to our high standards of safety. If the weather is against us, we will endeavour to complete the task, even if this means re-scheduing for another day. At no rxtra cost to the client.

During the Flight / Inspection

Global Drone Surveys prides itself on results and we ensure that the task is achieved to the highest possible standards. We welcome our clients or subject matter experts to be present at the flight as our footage can be viewed live on the ground allowing our team to receive direct instruction from clients to ensure the survey is captured precisely.

Post Flight


Once the survey or inspection is complete, all our footage/ photographs can be immediately available to the client on-site, or via direct download from our system following post-production editing (if required). All in stunning 4K Ultra-High Definition.

Drone inspection planning
Drone survey airspace

Drone Survey Equipment

global drone surveys aerial photography

Global Drone Surveys use the latest DJI airframes to carry out our work. We shoot all footage in ultrahigh definition 4K at broadcast quality. We can also provide you with still images in a raw format from our camera systems.


We also have flight telemetry for our pilots and if you require we can display live footage to screens for you on-site allowing for your subject matter experts to review or help in directing the framing of the footage.


This is a fast-moving industry and Global Drone Surveys is always looking to stay ahead of the curve by continually reinvesting in new equipment so our clients only receive the best service in the UAV sector from us.

drone inspection briefing
Drone ship inspection

Meet the Drone
UAV Team

Chris Jones


Chris has previously worked in the British Army.

He also has over 20 years of experience as a professional rescue team leader within the emergency services. He is qualified to work in high risk industrial areas including at height and confined spaces.


He is also part of a government overseas rescue team often tasked with carrying out building damage assessments and the assessment of critical infrastructure including roadways bridges and rail systems.

Chris is an experienced UAS drone pilot having flown hundreds of logged commercial hours as well as missions both in the UK and overseas in complex and often challenging environments.


He oversees data and image management including analysing the data for clients. As well as day to day management of the company.

Kev Dite


A former Royal Marines Commando, Kevin is our Accountable manager. With over 100 hours of logged flight time, Kevin brings an enviable degree of knowledge and experience in both UAS piloting and flight planning.


Having planned and flown drone operations in the most complicated and congested areas of the UK, Kevin’s meticulous level of pre-planning and skill set allow us to operate drones safely and legally in highly complex and challenging areas that other operators would shy away from. 

Kevin holds UK government security clearance allow us to work on sensitive and pivotal infrastructure sites such as COMA and Nuclear installations. He also holds relevant qualifications in “Working at Height” and Confined Space.



Ryan is a specialist wildlife, adventure and travel cameraman who works for major broadcast clients across the globe including the BBC and Discovery Channel. With an extensive background in adventure sports, hazardous environments, and camera technology, he brings a number of useful and creative skills to the team at Global Drone Surveys.


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