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Video Production and Corporate Video Production

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Our Background

As well as being an industry leader in industrial and response survey work, Global Drone Surveys’ diverse background and staffing enables us to bring our skills, equipment and experience to the media sector, where we continually receive outstanding feedback from broadcast and corporate clients on both the production value and standard of our work, and our ability to input and consult creatively to achieve and expand on your productions aims. 


Our creative director is an experienced and versatile broadcast cameraman, with credits across high-end blue-chip documentary and specialist factual from around the world. Working alongside our experienced and qualified pilots, we can discuss your production needs and requirements and come up with a creative and most importantly legal plan, that works for all parties (including the CAA!) 


Furthermore, with this background in broadcast camerawork and production, we are able to go beyond simple drone crews and regularly put together bespoke full event, production packages and time lapse, drawing on our vast and highly professional network of sound recordists, cameramen, editors and composers to put together short and long-form videos showcasing your companies work. 


We understand how costly and stressful video production can be, so all of our teams work from fully serviced vans including state of the art monitoring and field edit facilities, and always carry spare parts and spare drones with us to cover for any unforeseen circumstance. Plus tea-making kits! 


So whether you’re a TV production looking for a professional, adaptive and fully kitted out drone crew, you simply want to consult on what an unmanned aerial vehicle could add to your production, or you’d like to discuss a full production corporate package for your event, company or brand, give us a call and we’d love to chat! 

Video production Wales
Video production Cardiff

GDS Media Equipment

At Global Drone Surveys, we have a vast array of equipment available to us, spanning both aerial and ground filming and specialist technologies such as high speed and time-lapse.


With a number of experienced technicians on the team, we love to experiment with different technology in creative ways, and recent projects have seen us deploying Dji ground stabilisation systems, Z3 zoom cameras on our drones, and an expansion of our current systems to include RAW capability ahead of the market trends.


Our ground teams’ experience in the broadcast industry gives us a high level of proficiency and access to the latest in ultra-high definition technology, using camera systems such as Red Digital Cinema, Sony large format cameras like the F55 and FS7, and Arri Digital packages.


On the lower end of the spectrum we have an expansive range of digital SLR cameras and high end optics including Canon’s L-Glass range of fluorite coated lenses for crisp and perfect picture quality.


Our edit capabilities include studio grade RAID and Archiving storage systems so you can be sure your footage is safe with us, backed up by the full Final Cut Professional suite of editing software and a DaVinci grading set up all linked in to high processor speeds and calibrated monitoring systems allowing us to quickly and accurately turn around any project, big or small.

Corprate video production Wales
Corprate video production Cardiff
GDS media X5R

What makes us unique

By selecting Global Drone Surveys or  GDSMedia to conduct your aerial work, you are not selecting just another C.A.A. licensed company. You are choosing one of the UK's leading drone operator's with years of experience in real world applications. Our skills and reputation for exacting standards mean we are chosen to work on behalf of some of the biggest clients such as the BBC, ITV,Ferrovial, and South Wales Fire & Rescue Service.

We are a fully approved provider for aerial filming with the BBC meeting their high standards with ease.

This enviable reputation is maintained through constant training and updating the technology we use, but most importantly, it is our constant attention to safety and detail.


All our operations are fully insured by our bespoke insurance cover that is not available to most companies which allows us to even work on emergency incidents with the statutory services (Police, Fire, Ambulance & Armed Forces etc)

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