Inspection: How can a Drone / UAV help?

There are many regular inspection tasks to be undertaken on a typical industrial site.  For example, reactive maintenance checks, environmental impact assessments and thermal inspections.  UAV platforms can provide access to areas that are deemed too difficult or too risky to send your team into.  These services can dramatically reduce your risk exposure in a “working at height” situation and by altering the economics of these inspections, can enable you to do them more frequently.

An inspection with a UAV platform also produces a highly accurate record (the output from the camera or sensor payload).  The ability to be able to store inspection results for future reference can also be a key enhancement to your inspection regime as the scope of recorded information is kept constant.


Eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming scaffolding, man-lifting equipment and platforms. This particular service keeps survey and inspection personnel on the ground and out of harm’s way, thus improving health and safety regulations as well as providing cost-effective solutions for high risk elevated areas. Our cameras can be viewed in real-time HD from the ground using the latest downlink into one of our customised on-site vehicles. Our capabilities in 3D and Thermal Imaging will deliver new insights into your inspection needs.  

Drone chimeny inspection

Aerial Filming and media production


We provide stunning aerial visuals with a range of different camera systems . Not only limited tp producing aerial drone footage we have our own in house production producing promotional films and web based marketing videos 

For more details on our extensive services see GDS Media

Our Experience and Qualifications


We have the experience and equipment needed to operate in complex industrial environments which often have unseen hazards.  All our operators have real world experience of operating in some of the UK’s most demanding site environments including COMHA sites, SWAH operations, as well as operational involvement in post-disaster building triage for overseas government rescue. 

All our staff are fully compliant with expected levels of site safety including P.P.E., Safe Working At Height Qualifications, Confined Space Working, Trauma Care, water safety power boat operation, appointed persons mobile plant, and all our vehicles are site compliant including amber lighting and rear chevron markings.

Drone survey vehicle
Drone flare tip inspection
Drone hire
Industrial drone survey

How we operate

For every site we visit to conduct work, we carry out a series of detailed pre-flight assessments to ensure a safe, legal operation.

We gain airspace permissions and clearance as well as ground-based permissions and permits where required.

All risk assessments and Method Statements relating to the aerial operations can be requested by our clients for their own records. We provide the aerial video and/or photography to fit your desired specification.


The media content can then be viewed by your inspection officer/surveyor at their convenience.

Post Editing & Data Delivery

Raw images and/or videos are carefully edited to maximise clarity and to focus / highlight areas of particular interest. 

We aim to deliver the collected data within 24 hours of site completion. Data can be securely downloaded via our hosting client, or alternatively posted via USB Device at no extra cost.

All data is tranfered via our secure company transfer system this allows your subject matter experts to review the results quickly anywhere in the world.

Drone / UAV Survey

From gaining site situational awareness to delivering Photomosaic & Digital Elevation Models we can help with your project

Survey: How can a Drone / UAV help?

Online satellite imagery can be out-dated by up to 6 years and can be unreliable in planning and analysis needs. Drone survey imagery is typically 20 times the resolution of Google Earth, allowing for greater planning detail and when augmented by our 3D mapping capability, provides ground representation to the smallest detail.

A drone offers a number of advantages over more traditional data capture techniques:

•Data is captured from the air, very quickly

•Resolutions can be as high sub 1cm per pixel

•Data captured can be processed into Photomosaics

•Data captured can be processed into 3D models

Reducing the time spent on the ground means staff safety is improved by minimising risk to teams when measuring sites such as quarries, unstable slopes and transportation routes.

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UAV survey drone mapping
Drone survey UAV mapping