Environmental impact assessments

Using UAV Drones to support assessment data

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) with drones

Drone (UAVs) technology is certainly a suitable method for gathering highly-detailed imagery and environmental data to support your environmental impact assessments.


The ability of drones to survey large pieces of land including protected areas, agricultural sectors, development sites and even sites of scientific interest, cannot be underestimated.


From erosion monitoring, vegetation monitoring, measuring to species identification and animal counting, the list of workstreams that UAVs are being used for is lengthy and still continues to grow.  


Global Drone Surveys safeguards your project with, accurate, and quality aerial data


Environmental impact assessment requires constantly updated imagery often covering a specific geographical area.


Thanks to the excellent feature of preprogrammed UAV flight paths, it’s now possible to capture the most relevant data with highly accurate repeatability. The low-flying feature of drones is equally important to capture precise and detailed data down to 1.7cm/pix, thereby providing some of the most up to date accurate information available to support your impact assessments.


Combining the UAV technology and our mapping knowledge allows us to provide you with a very wide range of data and high quality imagery in a timely manner of your EIA.


Why choose Global Drone Surveys 


We are experienced in providing geo-referenced photogrammetry and mapping services in high resolution to support large scale planning applications for large projects including renewable energy, infrastructure projects, and large construction in the United Kingdom.


We have a proven track of record for using the latest technology; therefore, clients can trust us to produce the best data with a high degree of accuracy.


We are fully licensed and insured with a high number of hours logged flying commercial projects with UAVs. 

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Your peace of mind

By selecting Global Drone Surveys to conduct your aerial work, you are not selecting just another C.A.A. licensed company. You are choosing one of the UK's leading drone operator's with years of experience in real world applications. Our skills and reputation for exacting standards mean we are chosen to work on behalf of some of the biggest clients such as the BBC, ITV,Ferrovial, and South Wales Fire & Rescue Service.

All our UAV operations are fully insured by our bespoke insurance cover that is not available to most companies which allows us to even work on emergency incidents with the statutory services (Police, Fire, Ambulance & Armed Forces etc)

UAV inspection


All our pilots are trained to the highest UK standards by Resource-UAS and all have a minimum of RPQ-Small qualification allowing us to operate ROAV's / UAV's safely and competently. CAA licenced operator number: 922


Full Public Liability insurance specific to aerial work to £10million


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