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Construction Time Lapse Services London

Londons leading Construction Time-Lapse and Aerial Filming Company

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What our integrated time-lapse service provides

As construction projects in London unfold, the demand for more effective methods to document and monitor progress continues to rise. While traditional time-lapse cameras have their limitations, the game is changing with the introduction of advanced remote time-lapse camera systems.

We have successfully implemented and installed our construction time-lapse systems throughout the Greater London area and London City.

These state-of-the-art cameras, equipped with 4G and 5G capabilities, allow remote viewing from both desktop and mobile devices. Offering high-resolution options of 4K and 6K, these cameras provide a significant advantage over traditional systems, enabling remote construction progress monitoring from the office or a smartphone. The construction monitoring landscape has transformed with the advent of 4G and 5G-enabled platforms and cameras. Additionally, these cameras are solar-powered, making them well-suited for long-term projects.

Global Drone Surveys provides a comprehensive range of options for selecting the latest systems tailored to your project needs. Our expert team ensures swift installation, accommodating either a supplied mast or your existing infrastructure.

Once installed, our remote time-lapse camera system demands minimal on-site maintenance, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

For those requiring aerial imagery of their project, our qualified experts utilize drones equipped with high-quality cameras to capture pictures and videos from above. This bird's eye view enables us to observe aspects of the project not visible from the ground.

Our monthly flights ensure up-to-date images, offering insights into the project's progression over time. In addition to capturing media, we employ drone mapping to create accurate 2D and 3D models, aiding in planning and early issue detection.

All our flights prioritise safety and accuracy, ensuring the best possible results for your construction time-lapse needs in London.



The benefits of using time lapse cameras on a construction project.


  1. Improved project management

  2. Quality control: improve quality control and safety

  3. Marketing: create a marketing tool to show potential clients

  4. Reduces the need for key persons to visit the site

  5. Can be remotely viewed

  6. Great for stakeholder briefings




In conclusion, the benefits of using Construction time lapse in infrastructure build projects outweighs the minimal cost. Time lapse provides a unique perspective that helps project managers and engineers assess progress, identify potential issues early, and make better decisions. When used correctly, time lapse can save time and money while providing valuable insights into complex projects.

We have worked and installed our systems across the Greater London area and London City.


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Contruction Time Lapse Services London
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London construction time lapse camera

We deploy cutting-edge construction time-lapse cameras in London, incorporating state-of-the-art technology powered by solar energy or battery packs. This design ensures optimal performance across a spectrum of applications.

Our construction time-lapse video cameras adhere to the rigorous international IP66 rating for industrial enclosures, guaranteeing resilience in extreme outdoor conditions such as rain and temperature extremes.

These cameras are engineered to consistently capture the highest quality footage throughout the entire duration of your project, documenting critical phases and milestones from initiation to completion.

Providing videos in HD/4K/6K resolution, our portal images boast intricate details, allowing for thorough zooming and inspection of your London construction site. Additionally, we offer 4G systems that facilitate remote viewing and adjustment of settings, enhancing accessibility and convenience for your time-lapse needs in London.



Working with construction companies – large or small – sub-contractors and civil engineering consultants, we offer top quality images of your specific services or products to use in your brochures and publicity material.

When you want a professional photographer to document construction projects, give us a call… Contact us and see how we can help

drone filming construction sites London

Whether you're a London-based TV production seeking a skilled, versatile, and fully equipped drone crew, seeking consultation on integrating unmanned aerial vehicles into your production, or interested in exploring a comprehensive corporate package for your event, company, or brand, feel free to reach out. Give us a call, and we're eager to engage in a conversation!

Time lapes construction site filming

If you are looking for iconic moments in your project filming our ground teams’ experience in the broadcast industry gives us a high level of proficiency and access to the latest in ultra-high definition technology, using camera systems such as Red Digital Cinema, Sony large format cameras like the F55 and FS7, and Arri Digital packages.


The cost of Time Lapse Photography and Video services and systems is dependent upon the complexity of the project, including:

Duration of the project, our pricing structure provides greater value on long term hire

Will the project require a remote connection

The type of time lapse camera system required , HD , 4K, 6K

The complexity of fitting and the location of the time lapse video camera system

To receive an accurate quick quote on your time-lapse project requirements please click the request a quote button below

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