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  • Chris Jones

Construction Time Lapse Services

Global Drone Surveys is the UK’s leading aerial filming and time-lapse production company, providing fully managed time-lapse filming in any location for any duration from a few hours to years.

We undertake time-lapse projects for a wide range of clients from high end production companies, , to multi national developers national infrastructure projects , construction sites, iconic moments during building projects. Our services are perfect for road , rail and ship building .

All our time lapse camera systems are at least rated to ip67 waterproof or higher . We can film in any format up to 6K ultra HD to deliver beautifully crisp images . The time lapse camera can either capture time lapse photography or time lapse film in camera depending on your needs. We also have options for 4G remote connectivity so images can be accessed from any in the world .

Click Construction Time - Lapse Services for more details

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