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By Order of.....

A Peaky Blinders fan? Then our #GDSMedia team have been involved in something right up your street (or dark Birmingham alley).

Filmed around the streets of Carmarthen, the new promotional film by John Mark Films for the highly regarded “Jackie James” retailer had all the hallmarks of a Peaky Blinders set, all that was missing was Cillian Murphy himself.

GDS Media were commissioned to shoot all the aerials for the promo which involved some complicated night flying down one of Carmarthen’s’ busiest streets. With full support of the council, traffic and pedestrians were controlled during shoots to ensure everything was conducted safely and legally.

Superb styling by the staff at Jackie James, complimented by great set effects including lighting and smoke generators and a epic soundtrack created a truly believable scene for the characters. The full promo is due to be released in the coming weeks, so until then we are pleased to showcase this teaser reel.

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