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Global Drones Surveys appears in court…

Updated: May 29, 2020

Just before “The Beast From The East” hit South Wales, throwing Cardiff into snowmageddon Global Drone Surveys was tasked to carry out an aerial inspection on the Cardiff Law Courts in the city centre.

This iconic grade I listed building dates back to 1897 and is situated next to Cardiff City Hall and Cardiff Central Police station.

Thorough planning, notification, and preparation meant our team were able to successfully complete the task safely and legally with full support of the Ministry of Justice, South Wales Police, and Cardiff Council. To satisfy stringent safety measures, we opted for our smallest airframe to gather the imagery, a Phantom4 Pro. Don’t let the size of this drone fool you, it is more than capable of holding its own with our larger craft and is perfect for this type of task.

One further complexity to the task was that certain aspects of our task required us to fly our drones inside the law courts and grand entrance foyer to access the full height ceiling windows. Once again, our pilots demonstrated the very best in flying skills to fly our airframes to within a few metres of some VERY expensive oil paintings and historical artefacts- all in a day’s work.

The on-site team gathered the extensive imagery required by our client using both ground and aerial cameras and the deliverables were transferred the very next morning, fully edited for maximum clarity and packaged in our easy to navigate system.

May sound strange, but we thoroughly enjoyed our day in court…

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