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Bridge Inspections- Revolutionised!

Recently Global Drone Surveys had a crew working with colleagues from Paint Inspection LTD to conduct over-water bridge drone inspections to this bridge in Newport.

Prior to utilising drone services, Paint Inspection Ltd would conduct this type of inspection using traditional rope-access methods using a number of operatives, over a number of days. Our drones reduce that inspection time to one inspector and completed within hours with no impact on public use of the bridge.

Our skilful pilot was able to fly the UAV under the large metallic structure in ATTI mode (due to the magnetic interference from the bridge structure, GPS will not work. ATTI is flying without a GPS signal and requires a lot of skill and practice!) allowing assessments to be made for planned maintenance requirements.

Using one of our additional screens, the inspector could make an initial assessment of areas requiring further investigation immediately, with detailed drone photos being collected for inclusion in his condition report.

In this dynamic environment, a simple drone Permit For Commercial Operation (PFCO) isn’t enough. All our operatives carry a vast array of site qualifications as well as Safe Working At Height (SWAH), Close Swift Water Access, Advanced Trauma, and IOSH to name a few. Our staff have all the qualifications and skills to deliver a first-rate service that is second to none.

If you are interested in finding out how our drones can revolutionise your business, get in touch now for an informal chat and let us take your company to new heights!

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