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London Drone Inspections

We recently conducted an aerial inspection to an iconic central London establishment, and it doesn't come more central than this! Our experience and proven track record meant we could conduct this task safely and legally.

  • Non-standard Flight permission (RG157) - ✔

  • NOTAM submitted and in place -✔

  • Diplomatic Protection Group approval - ✔

  • London City Air Traffic Control permission -✔

  • Task completed safely -✔

  • Happy client -✔

Drone inspections and Drone surveys in London provide our clients with huge efficiencies including cost savings and time savings over traditional methods. We provide easy to understand file reference systems with all our data and images for your ease of use.

Airspace is complex with special permissions to fly within any restricted airspace in London. Restricted areas include Hyde Park (EG R157), City of London (EG R158) and Isle of Dogs (EG R159). We have proven track record working in these complex environments and gaining the requisite permissions to carry out UAV inspections in London airspace.

Sometimes on certain buildings drone inspections may not be suitable due to confines or the physical layout, with tight spaces and pigeon netting. In such areas we can deploy operators with extended reach pole cameras or deploy safe working at height teams. What ever the issues we have a safe and appropriate solution to gathering your imagery.

If you are looking for a Drone survey or Aerial photography in the London area contact us for further details

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