• Chris Jones

Explosive Demolition

Health & Safety regulations on a normal site are sometimes quite restrictive, So when the words “explosive demolition” and “drone” are also included, the safety measures increase drastically and rightly so!

Recently GDSMedia was contacted by Bond Demolition to produce a short corporate video of a demolition project in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. The structure being demolished was a 35m de-commissioned LNG storage tank. The sheer size and scale of the demolition meant that very few companies could carry out such a task which is why Bond Demolition wanted us to document the event so they could record and showcase their company’s’ ability.

Pre-planning for such an event was intensive, with close liaison with the blast engineers, demolition staff, site owners, and of course the CAA in the form of a NOTAM created for the demolition. On top of this was careful consideration of flight paths and locations of static ground cameras to ensure we captured the explosion from multiple angles. We decided to launch multiple airframes to gather plenty of aerial footage.

We are extremely pleased to state that the demolition was executed perfectly, and as for the footage….WOW, even if we do say so ourselves.

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