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Aerial Filming Wales

Here is a short example that shows how the Welsh coastline lends it self to aerial filming. We were recently engaged by a local production company to film aerials of Three Cliffs bay on the Gower coast line as well as a local wedding venue.

Global Drone Surveys and its media arm GDS Media is the natural choice for Aerial filming Wales. We have expert knowledge and experience of aerial filming in the Brecon Beacons, Aerial Filming in Pembrokeshire, Aerial filming in North Wales and Snowden .

Wales lends its self to some amazing aerial filming with fantastic coastlines and mountain ranges. Not only are we able to provide aerial filming crews at short notice who have real world experience of working and flying in mountains around the world but we also hold stock footage of many locations in Wales.

If your project or production would benefit from our experienced pilots and creative camera operators then please contact us and we will go the extra mile to help you with aerial filming Wales its coastlines and mountains.

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