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Environmental monitoring drones

See how Global Drone Surveys can assists you with your environmental monitoring projects. Reducing cost and increasing efficiencies.

Although there are plenty of uses for drones and commercially they are used most commonly for aerial filming and inspections, UAVs have more recently begun to be used for environmental monitoring, including but not limited to collecting data regarding plant and algae growth, invasive species, habitats, climate change, eco-systems,crop assessment, and urbanisation.

The features of a drone offer a form of precision and detail that makes them excellent for the job, and they are able to gain access to areas that may be too dangerous or difficult to access by a human. Many drones come equipped with a range of software programs that help them to collect data in more efficient and smarter ways. Thermal imaging can trace rising mains and note down and detect leaks. Photomosaics let drones cover wider ground. Multi-spectral NDVI imaging can form accurate surveys regarding plants and vegetation.

A UAV can also create aerial maps and provide excellent nature monitoring services, as it can capture photographs of up to one 1.7cm pixel resolution. Some drones that come with gauges by which to measure temperature, humidity, wind, and pressure can provide even more information from its scans, and these features can be customised to fit specific and unique locations and needs.

Now, drones can also be used to assess and detect natural disasters, and may even be able prevent or fight against them. Information gathered from disaster sights can be analysed and the best possible solution discovered through the data collected. In order to prevent a disaster such as a flood, a drone can survey the defense that an area has against such an occurrence in order to note down possible failures in those defenses before they happen.

This technology can also be applied to the monitoring of a species and its range and total population, and with the right information, drones can even prevent poachers from targeting species by determining locations.

Drones have a low cost in relation to their usefulness and accuracy, and their use in environmental conservation has changed and advanced the green fight.

For more details in how Global Drone Surveys can help with your environmental monitoring projects please contact us

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