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Planing and Execution of a Drone Survey

Updated: May 21, 2020

This weekend saw GDS carrying out two tasks, an in depth survey mapping task with moving map overlays on real time aerial media for a major house building giant in the South West of England followed by an industrial roof inspection.

Why work through the weekend ? As cutting edge as the UAV technology is, we have to take the gaps in the available weather to meet the clients expectations and time lines. For stable footage stills and more importantly safe precise flying we look for laminar ground wind speeds of no more than 18mph for edge of envelope flying. Generally we don't fly in rain purely down to water getting on the lens or sensor and spoiling image quality.

How do we manage in the great UK weather? We spend hours planing every flight not from just a compliance stand point but to ensure that when we are on site we are able to deploy as efficiently as possible. Part of this detailed planning also sees us crunch the met data 48hrs prior to any task. If we can foresee a gap in the conditions we will be on site waiting.

This was done for client last month who had very tight timelines on the run up to Christmas . We were able to spot a 50 minute gap in the rain fall radar with a slight drop in wind speeds. With everything set up and sat waiting on site we were able to safely deliver on a day that most people would of written off as a no go. This level of planning and commitment is part of our core values in Global Drone Surveys it builds client confidence reduce lead in times on tasks and enables us to meet month on month multiple UAV flights to a safe and high standard.

If you would like to know more details about our services and how we could help you make, time efficiencies,cost efficiencies and implement safer systems of work then contact us for more details.

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