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Bristol City Football Club

Recently Global Drone Surveys was contacted by Pedro of wondering whether we would be able to capture aerial footage of an 85 tonne steel support that was being lifted into place by Newport based AIC Steel. Pedro was making a documentary about the building work and was keen for aerial footage to give it that little bit “Extra”. Of course was our reply.

Then as the details emerged we became more and more excited about having being asked to participate in this project. The steel structure was part of the brand new stands at Bristol City FC and we would be required to film the lift from within and around the stadium itself....What an opportunity.

The project brought a lot of pre-planning as we would only have one opportunity to capture the lift and we would need to fit in with all other contractors on site to ensure we did not endanger others or quite simply...get in the way.

As expected, the day ran like clockwork and Pedro and his team were blown away by the footage we captured, which was transferred to him directly on site.

“Working with GDS was an eye-opening experience to this new dimension of that I will certainly be using again. The GDS staff were exemplary on the day, adhering to tight site restrictions and even tighter time constraints. I will definitely be using again. And as for the footage...WOW!” – Pedro Pimental.

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