Global Drone Surveys London

Commercial Drone Inspections Surveys and Mapping

We are C.A.A licensed, aerial filming & photography specialists, with hundreds of logged commercial UAV flying hours in the complex London airspace. 


Using remote-controlled, multi-rotor UAVs (drones). We provide our unique services to London and Londons surrounding areas.


Our state of the art drones can offer close visual drone inspection , drone surveys, and drone mapping to areas often deemed difficult to access or time-consuming to survey via the traditional routes of rope-access or erection of working structures such as scaffolding.


Whether it’s a close visual asset inspection of critical infrastructure, roof inspections, live transmission tower or a topographic land or building survey from the air, Global Drone Surveys will supply you with all the detailed imagery and aerial photography you require in a fraction of the time (and often, cost!) of the existing methods.


Aerial Filming and Drone photography London

Not restricted to Industrial Survey work, Global Drone Survey’s diverse skills and experience make us a fantastic choice to work with TV, Film, Corporate and Commercial production companies. We have wide ranging experience working across multiple platforms and genres spanning digital, live event, broadcast and independent productions and a proven track record of capturing high quality deliverables and content on deadline and to brief. 


Not limited to simple flyovers, our creative director is a BBC trained cameraman with a huge amount of experience and long list of credits on multiple networks, and can apply his creative eye and understanding of complex production requirements  to any situation whether operating as part of a 2 man team under your producers direction, or independently directing aerial footage subject to your brief. 


This experience also uniquely positions us to offer full service production coverage, providing and managing multiple crews of ground and aerial camera coverage along with location sound recording, and where required, post production capability. 

Our services can also be used to provide unique aerial footage at events both public and private throughout London and the UK. 


Aerial drone photography London
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Aerial filming and Aerial photography London
Aerial photography London

Working with Drones in Central London Airspace

We as the drone operator are responsible for obtaining all permissions to fly within any restricted airspace in London. Restricted areas include Hyde Park (EG R157), City of London (EG R158) and Isle of Dogs (EG R159). Restricted areas are marked on aviation charts.

Flight within these areas is restricted for all types of aircraft, whether manned or unmanned. To obtain permission the drone operator must apply for Enhanced Non-Standard Flight clearance via the NATS website , this can take up to 28 days (often quicker) for approval . Certain areas within central London my also require permission from  the Diplomatic protection corps. 

We take care of all of this to ensure our operations are safe and legal as well as advising  you of lead-in times as we complete the process.

London UAV airspace


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Drone survey London

Low risk low cost minimal outage surveys of buildings, roofs, flare stacks, wind farms solar panels the possibilities are endless. All filmed in 4k HD for your technical experts.

Drone filming London

Whether you’re a TV production looking for a professional, adaptive and fully kitted out drone crew, you simply want to consult on what an unmanned aerial vehicle could add to your production, or you’d like to discuss a full production corporate package for your event, company or brand, give us a call and we’d love to chat! 

Aerial photography London

Our still imagery aerial photography and ultra high definition video can be used for many other things including events, tourism, weddings, drone surveys, estate agencies, archaeological surveys, asset inspections, drone mapping and photogrammetry  Just to name few.