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Drone Inspections

Commercial Drone Inspections Surveys and Mapping

"Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries. Common cases include falls from ladders and through fragile surfaces. ‘Work at height’ means work in any place where, if there were no precautions in place, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury (for example a fall through a fragile roof).” HSE: An easy guide to Health & Safety. (2016)

We provide an easy cost effective safe solution to this on site problem.


Global Drone Surveys is one of the leading drone inspection, drone survey and aerial mapping specialists in the UK. Our company is fully C.A.A licensed and we have reputation for delivering nothing but the best drone inspection data time and time again. Our state of the art drone technology, and most sophisticated camera and aircraft systems can deliver the best value, and highest quality drone surveys and visual drone inspections to areas often considered difficult to access.


Our specially constructed drones are capable of flying in a wide rage of weather conditions and are less time consuming as compared to conventional working structures like scaffolding, or routes of rope-access. Our professional drones are specifically constructed to capture the perfect survey and close inspection data. We can also capture the highest resolution motion and still video images to meet all of your cinematography and aerial photography requirements. Whether you are seeking close visual inspections of transmission power, live flare stack, flare tips, stockpile volume analysis, building survey, thermal asset inspection, high resolution aerial maps, or anything else needing airborne sensing, we have skilled and experienced team to supply you with all the detailed aerial mapping, aerial photography and imagery you require within seconds.


Having completed a high number of commercial flying hours, many in challenging and remote environments as well as carrying out drone inspections all across the UK, we are one of the most experienced drone service suppliers in the country. We also understand the relevance of RAMS for any site work and are qualified to work on high risk industrial sites. Furthermore, Global Drone Surveys has worked on a plethora of big national infrastructure projects, thereby offering definite geo imputed high end data and imagery for our clients. We have also offered customised drone solutions for government agencies and other high profile clients.


We are not only licensed, but also insured professionals. Global Drone Surveys is also convinced that our services are cost effective over the traditional methods of inspecting structures at height, and by implementing an in-depth checklist and risk assessments  throughout our work, we dramatically alleviate human risk factors involved in all of our operations and activities. Our drone inspection and survey services can also be employed onshore, overseas and offshore if required.


For further details on our wide range on applications please click on services

 drone inspection uk

Low risk low cost mininmal outage surveys of buildings, roofs, flare stacks, wind farms solar panels the possiblties are endless. All filmed in 4k HD for your technical experts.

UAV Drone aerial filming

Whether you’re a TV production looking for a professional, adaptive and fully kitted out drone crew, you simply want to consult on what an unmanned aerial vehicle could add to your production, or you’d like to discuss a full production corporate package for your event, company or brand, give us a call and we’d love to chat! 

Drone mapping

Online satellite imagery can be out-dated by up to 6 years and can be unreliable in planning and analysis needs. Drone survey imagery is typically 20 times the resolution of Google Earth, allowing for greater planning detail and when augmented by our 3D mapping capability, provides ground representation to the smallest detail.

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