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Drone use in the

Oil and Gas Industry

Application of drones in the oil and gas industry

One of the critical tasks of the oil and gas energy industry is monitoring to assess production, safety, environmental compliance and other factors.


The needs are straightforward, but the scale involved is costly, complex and risky. Survey and inspection activities are costly to plan and execute and should be done prudently in order to avoid spillages, production outages and unexpected shutdowns. In the past methods of monitoring, detecting, and locating damage in the oil refineries, oil and gas fields have been ineffective costly  and dangerous to execute.

Workers put their lives on the line everyday trying to detect leaks and damage and this has resulted in lengthy activity shutdowns and production outages.

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UAV oil refinery survey
drone offshore inspection

Whether it is oil or gas, energy companies or oil refineries  are benefiting from ease of use as well as time efficiency that drone inspections  provide. Global Drone Surveys can help your business reach the next level with their effective drones designed for commercial use. Things like corrosion detection, analysis of cracks, spillage and leak detection are easily carried out by drones rather than manually. As far as maintenance and planning go, the information gathered by a drone can be invaluable.

Drone oil rig survey
Aerial photograph oil spill
Drone flare stack inspection

UAV Inspection of Oil and Gas installations

The maintenance and inspection of onshore and off shore oil and gas installations can be expensive, time consuming, and even place workers in dangerous situations. Drone inspections and surveys have become much more cost effective type of platform, while also providing a much higher image quality. Because of the temperature differences between soil and fluid, leaks can be detected easily. With high quality cameras and sensors, our drone pilots  can navigate through dangerous environments, collect data and send it to the subject matter experts in real time as well as recording for later review, and any leakages can be dealt with quickly. This technology is perfect for flare stack inspections, top side and splash zones surveys.

Environmental impact assessments with drones

The impacts of oil spills can have wide-ranging effects on humans and the environment. For this reason, energy companies are taking precautionary measure to prevent and clear up potential contamination. Thanks to the drone technology, companies can assess which direction the oil is moving, how fast it is spreading in the water and the extent of damage. This information can help assessors determine where to send a team of engineers. This saves time previously spent on the procedure of spillage detection.

UAV flare tip inspection
oil pipe damage assessment
Oil spill enviroment impact
UAV oil pipe inspection survey
Drone gas installation inspection


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Our Equipment

Our multi rotor drones are equipped with highly sensitive optical sensors to detect leakages over dangerous sites and large sections of land that are invisible to the naked eyes. With drones, inspecting, identifying and correcting spillages are easy and manageable undertakings. Drones help cut inspection costs in half while ensuring safe 3D mapping of exploration sites, exploration fields, gas pipelines as well as other municipal operations. 


All our pilots and camera operators have logged a high number of hours flying in complex industrial environments . Global Drone Surveys holds the CAA permission for commercial operations number 922 and are fully insured for commercial work.

Drone use oil industry
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