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Birmingham time lapse

Construction Time Lapse Services Birmingham

Birminghams leading Construction Time-Lapse and Aerial Filming Company

What our construction time-lapse service provides

Continual construction of long-term projects necessitates more efficient ways to monitor and document progress. While traditional time-lapse cameras have limitations, cutting-edge remote time-lapse systems redefine the approach.

Our expertise extends to installing construction time-lapse systems across the West Midlands and Birmingham City, providing a comprehensive range of solutions.

These advanced 4G and 5G-enabled cameras allow remote viewing from desktop and mobile devices, offering high-resolution 4K and 6K options. This remote accessibility significantly enhances project efficiency, revolutionizing construction monitoring. Moreover, their solar-powered design caters perfectly to long-term projects.

At Global Drone Surveys, we offer a diverse range of state-of-the-art camera systems, empowering construction companies to efficiently document and monitor progress for successful project outcomes.

Our skilled team ensures swift installation, tailored to either a provided mast or existing infrastructure, demanding minimal on-site maintenance to allow you to focus on essential project tasks.

For aerial imagery needs, our qualified experts utilise drones with high-quality cameras, capturing bird's eye views, revealing intricate details unobservable from the ground. Monthly flights maintain updated imagery, aiding in project progression analysis and potential issue identification. Furthermore, our drone mapping facilitates precise 2D and 3D models, aiding in planning and early issue detection.

All our flights prioritise safety and precision to deliver optimal results.

Utilising time-lapse cameras in construction projects yields benefits:

  • Enhanced project management

  • Improved quality control and safety

  • Effective marketing tools for client showcase

  • Reduced site visits

  • Remote viewing capabilities

  • Facilitation of stakeholder briefings

In conclusion, the advantages of employing construction time-lapse in infrastructure projects surpass the minimal cost. This unique perspective aids project managers and engineers in assessing progress, early issue identification, and informed decision-making, ultimately saving time and costs while providing invaluable insights.

We have successfully installed systems across the Birmingham area and Birmingham City. Connect with our experts today for tailored solutions redefining construction monitoring and documentation.

Image by Denys Nevozhai
Time lapse services

Fully insured and trained staff

Global access remotely- 24/7

remote time lapse systems

Track projects in realtime

track time lapse videos
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Share project progress with stakeholders


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Birmingham construction time lapse camera

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, our advanced time-lapse cameras stand out as they run on solar power or efficient battery packs, making them the perfect choice for a myriad of applications.

All our construction time-lapse video cameras are built to meet the stringent international IP66 rating for industrial enclosures. This guarantees their resilience against extreme outdoor conditions, be it rain or temperature extremes.

This resilience ensures that our cameras consistently capture top-quality footage throughout the entirety of your project's lifespan, meticulously documenting critical phases and milestones from inception to completion.

Delivered in HD/4K/6K resolution, our videos boast exceptional clarity. Moreover, our portal images are intricately detailed, enabling in-depth zooming and site inspection. To add to the convenience, we offer 4G systems that facilitate remote viewing and allow for adjustments to settings.


Brimingham constrction site COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY

Collaborating seamlessly with construction enterprises, whether they be large corporations or smaller firms, as well as sub-contractors and civil engineering consultants, we specialise in providing high-caliber commercial photography tailored to showcase your distinct services and products. Our expertly crafted images are designed to elevate your brochures and promotional materials.

When you're seeking a professional photographer to meticulously document your construction projects, we're here for you.


Reach out to us, and let's explore how our photography services can enhance your visual narrative.

drone filming construction sites London

Whether you're a television production in search of a skilled, versatile, and well-equipped drone crew, seeking consultation on the benefits of incorporating unmanned aerial vehicles into your production, or interested in exploring a comprehensive corporate package for your event, company, or brand, feel free to contact us. We're eager to engage in a conversation and discuss how we can meet your specific needs!

Time lapes construction site filming

n search of iconic moments captured in your project filming? Our ground teams bring a wealth of experience from the broadcast industry, offering a remarkable level of expertise and access to cutting-edge ultra-high definition technology. We utilize premier camera systems like Red Digital Cinema, Sony's acclaimed large format cameras such as the F55 and FS7, as well as top-notch Arri Digital packages to ensure exceptional visual storytelling for your project.


The cost of Time Lapse Photography and Video services and systems is dependent upon the complexity of the project, including:

Duration of the project, our pricing structure provides greater value on long term hire

Will the project require a remote connection

The type of time lapse camera system required , HD , 4K, 6K

The complexity of fitting and the location of the time lapse video camera system

To receive an accurate quick quote on your time-lapse project requirements please click the request a quote button below

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