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Cardiff Survey

Global Drone Surveys Cardiff

Drone Surveys and Inspections

Based in Cardiff, South Wales, we are your premier C.A.A licensed and ISO 9001-certified aerial filming and photography specialists, employing cutting-edge remote-controlled multi-rotor UAVs (drones).

Our seasoned pilots have accumulated extensive hours of safe commercial drone operations in and around the complex airspace of Cardiff. Count on our expertise to ensure all necessary permissions and notifications are secured before commencing work on your behalf.

Equipped with state-of-the-art drones, we excel in providing close visual drone inspections, drone surveys, and critical asset inspections to areas traditionally challenging to access or time-consuming to survey using conventional methods like rope-access or scaffolding.

Whether it's a close visual inspection of a roof, flare tip, live transmission tower, or a topographic land/building survey from the air, Global Drone Surveys delivers detailed imagery, aerial photography, and aerial drone mapping in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional methods.

Our qualifications extend to high-risk industrial environments, ensuring we capture the footage or images you need swiftly, efficiently, and safely.

Having contributed to numerous large national infrastructure projects, Global Drone Surveys provides precise high-end geo-referenced imagery and data. This edited imagery serves as an excellent briefing tool and visual update for stakeholders and project media releases, solidifying our position as a top choice in Cardiff and South Wales. Elevate your projects with our unparalleled expertise in aerial surveys and inspections.

Drone survey Cardiff
Drone inspection Cardiff

We can fly where others can’t 

Operational Safety Case

Achieve unparalleled safety and confidence with Global Drone Surveys, your trusted partner for CAA Operational Safety Case-approved drone operations in Cardiff, the vibrant capital city of Wales.

Our faultless safety record and extensive experience in complex flight operations underscore our commitment to safety. Global Drone Surveys diligently ensures that our clients benefit from enhanced safety measures, setting the standard for secure drone operations in Cardiff and beyond.

As one of the select few companies possessing an operational safety case issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, we operate with unrivaled capabilities. This distinctive qualification empowers us to fly closer to uninvolved persons and structures, a crucial advantage for executing safe flights in congested areas within the city of Cardiff.

Leveraging our comprehensive understanding of the UK's airspace, we provide clients with the latest information, ensuring our flights are both safe and compliant. The dynamic nature of airspace regulations requires constant vigilance, and our expert pilots conduct thorough airspace analyses to identify potential hazards.

Our commitment to safety doesn't end with identification; we take proactive measures to mitigate risks, ensuring each flight is conducted with the utmost safety standards. Trust Global Drone Surveys for a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology, operational expertise, and an unwavering commitment to safety in Cardiff, Wales.


Elevate your expectations with our top-notch CAA Operational Safety Case-approved drone services.

Working with Drones in Cardiff Airspace

Cardiff City is the capital of Wales and its largest city. The eleventh-largest city in the United Kingdom, it is Wales' chief commercial centre, the base for most national cultural institutions and Welsh media, and the seat of the National Assembly for Wales. At the 2011 census, the unitary authority area population was 346,100, and the wider urban area 479,000. Cardiff is a significant tourist centre and the most popular visitor destination in Wales.


Cardiff airport is an international airport located in the city of Cardiff, Wales. The airport is located just over 6 miles from the city centre and has excellent transport links to the rest of Wales and England. It is the busiest airport in Wales.

We as the drone operator are responsible for obtaining all permissions to fly within any restricted airspace in Cardiff and its surrounding areas. Restricted airspace is marked on aviation charts.

Flight within these areas is restricted for all types of aircraft, whether manned or unmanned. To obtain permission the drone operator must apply for Enhanced Non-Standard Flight clearance via the NATS website or local ATC. 

We take care of all of this to ensure our operations are safe and legal as well as advising you of lead-in times as we complete the process.

Cardiff drone survey airspace.png


For further details on our wide range on applications please click on services


Unlock low-risk, cost-effective, and minimal outage surveys for buildings, roofs, flare stacks, wind farms, solar panels, and more in Cardiff, South Wales. Our services offer endless possibilities, all captured in stunning 4K HD to cater to your technical experts. Elevate your surveying experience with precision, efficiency, and high-quality visuals tailored for Cardiff and the broader South Wales region.

Aerial drone UAV filming Cardiff

Whether you’re a TV production looking for a professional, adaptive and fully kitted out drone crew based in Cardiff, you simply want to consult on what an unmanned aerial vehicle could add to your production, or you’d like to discuss a full production corporate package for your event, company or brand, give us a call and we’d love to chat! 

Drone UAV mapping Cardiff

Elevate your planning and analysis with drone survey imagery, surpassing the limitations of online satellite imagery that can be outdated by up to 6 years. Our drone survey imagery boasts a remarkable 20 times the resolution of Google Earth, delivering unparalleled detail for enhanced planning precision. When combined with our cutting-edge 3D mapping capability, it provides a ground representation down to the minutest detail, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your planning and analysis endeavors. Say goodbye to outdated satellite images and embrace the clarity and precision of drone survey technology for superior results.

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