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Construction Time Lapse Services Wales

Wales leading Construction Time-Lapse and Aerial Filming Company

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What our integrated time lapse services provide to construction sites in Wales

Based in Cardiff Wales we are the go solution for all your commercial  time lapse needs.


As the construction of long-term projects continues, so does the need for better and more efficient ways to document and monitor the progress. Traditional time lapse cameras have their limitations, but new remote time lapse camera systems are changing the game.

We have worked and installed our construction time lapse  systems across Wales  Cardiff and Newport.


These new 4g and 5g enabled cameras can be remotely viewed from desktop and mobile devices, and offer high resolution 4k and 6k options. The ability to remotely view construction progress from the office or a smartphone is a huge benefit over traditional time lapse systems, and can add to the efficiency of the project. Construction monitoring has changed dramatically in recent years with the introduction of new platforms and cameras that are 4g and 5g enabled. They are also solar powered, making them ideal for long-term projects.


At Global Drone Surveys we are able to provide the full suite of options when it comes to picking the latest systems for your project . With these new camera systems, construction companies can better document and monitor their progress, ensuring a successful outcome.


Our team of experts can have your new system fitted in a day, and we can tailor it to be fitted to either a supplied mast or your existing infrastructure.


Once installed, our remote time lapse camera system requires very little on site maintenance by us meaning you can focus on what’s important


Also If you require aerial imagery of your project, our team of qualified experts can provide it for you. We use drones equipped with high-quality cameras to take pictures and videos from up above. This allows us to get a bird's eye view of the project and see things that we wouldn't be able to see from the ground.


We typically do a monthly flight in order to keep the images up-to-date. This also allows us to see how the project is progressing over time. In addition to taking pictures and videos, we also use drone mapping in order to create accurate 2D and 3D models of the project. This is useful for planning purposes and can help you catch potential problems early on.


All of our flights are conducted safely and accurately in order to get the best possible results.



The benefits of using time lapse cameras on a construction project.


  1. Improved project management

  2. Quality control: improve quality control and safety

  3. Marketing: create a marketing tool to show potential clients

  4. Reduces the need for key persons to visit the site

  5. Can be remotely viewed

  6. Great for stakeholder briefings




In conclusion, the benefits of using Construction time lapse in infrastructure build projects outweighs the minimal cost. Time lapse provides a unique perspective that helps project managers and engineers assess progress, identify potential issues early, and make better decisions. When used correctly, time lapse can save time and money while providing valuable insights into complex projects.

We have worked and installed our systems Wales and the City of Cardiff.


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For further details on our wide range on applications please click on services


construction time lapse camera wales

We use state-of-the-art cameras, which are powered by solar power, or battery packs, making them ideal for all your applications.  

These construction time-lapse video cameras all meet the international IP66 rating for industrial enclosures, which means they can withstand extreme outdoor conditions. This includes rain and extremes of temperature.

That means our cameras can reliably record the best quality footage for the lifetime of your project. Capturing the critical phases and milestones from start to finish. 

Our videos are supplied in HD/4K/ 6K resolution and our portal images are detailed enough to zoom in and inspect your site. We also have 4G systems available for remote viewing and changing settings. 



Working with construction companies – large or small – sub-contractors and civil engineering consultants.We offer top quality images of your specific services or products to use in your brochures and publicity material.

When you want a professional photographer to document construction projects, give us a call… Contact us and see how we can help

drone filming construction sites

Whether you’re a TV production looking for a professional, adaptive and fully kitted out drone crew. Or if you simply want to consult on what an unmanned aerial vehicle could add to your production. We discuss a full production corporate package for your event, company or brand, give us a call and we’d love to chat! 

Time lapes construction site filming

If you are looking for iconic moments in your project filming our ground teams’ experience in the broadcast industry gives us a high level of proficiency and access to the latest in ultra-high definition technology, using camera systems such as Red Digital Cinema, Sony large format cameras like the F55 and FS7, and Arri Digital packages.


The cost of Time Lapse Photography and Video services and systems is dependent upon the complexity of the project, including:

Duration of the project, our pricing structure provides greater value on long term hire

Will the project require a remote connection

The type of time lapse camera system required , HD , 4K, 6K

The complexity of fitting and the location of the time lapse video camera system

To receive an accurate quick quote on your time-lapse project requirements please click the request a quote button below

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